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How did Consultic support an international automotive company in achieving their business goals and transforming their technology infrastructure?

An international automotive company faced the challenge of aligning their business intelligence and analytics capabilities with their organizational goals while reducing their application and infrastructure footprint. They sought a trusted partner to guide them through this complex transformation.

We devised a comprehensive strategy to assess the company’s technology landscape, identify gaps, and propose a roadmap for technology transformation. By leveraging S4 HANA and SAP Business Objects, We helped the company mature their SAP footprint and establish a long-term vision for their Finance and Purchasing platforms.

The results were impressive. We successfully retired outdated platforms, replacing them with a streamlined SAP model. They also established a multi-regional delivery center to support the company across different time zones and created a SAP Center of Excellence (COE) to provide strategic guidance.

Business goal

  1. Identify gaps and propose business intelligence and analytics solution to align with global organization goals and achieve Enterprise standards.
  2. Reduce application and application infrastructure footprint by 15% in 2 years and 30% in 5 years.


  1. Technology assessment within organization’s vertical and horizontal pillars.
  2. Develop findings and roadmap, identify gaps and propose technology transformation.
  3. Become trusted partner with client to increase the maturity of SAP Footprint with reduction of IT budget for long-term local and global vision for the Finance and Purchasing platforms with S4 HANA and SAP Business Objects.


  1. Streamlined technology landscape: Successfully retired Oracle OBIEE and custom platforms, replacing them with a mature SAP footprint. This consolidation led to improved efficiency and a more cohesive system.
  2. Global support capabilities: Established a multi-regional delivery center to cater to the needs of a global organization operating across different time zones. This enabled seamless collaboration with dealers and OEMs worldwide
  3. Strategic oversight: Implemented an SAP Center of Excellence (COE) to provide guidance and advice to leadership and business stakeholders. The COE played a vital role in aligning strategic vision, leveraging SAP products, and managing global licenses.

Through their collaboration with us, the international automotive company achieved their business goals, aligned their analytics capabilities, and reduced their application and infrastructure footprint. This transformation positioned them for long-term success and efficiency.


Automotive Manufacturer



Consultic’s collaboration has been instrumental in streamlining our manufacturing processes. As a production manager, I’ve seen significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings since partnering with Consultic. Their innovative solutions have undoubtedly set us on a path to sustainable growth.

Robert Turner, Production Manager, Manufacturing Industry

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