Case Study


How did Consultic contribute to digital transformation and customer engagement improvement for a client  in the building industry?

We played a crucial role in supporting a prominent player in the building material industry, facilitating their digital transformation journey to enhance customer engagement. The organization recognized the need to optimize their customer interactions, from the initial lead to the final invoice, in order to streamline processes and provide a seamless experience for their partners.

Consultic’s approach involved translating the organization’s vision into a clear step-by-step plan, supported by concrete examples. Through in-depth analysis of the company’s technical and functional requirements, Consultic led a product information management project and facilitated improvements in building processes at customer sites, with a specific focus on reducing delivery times.

As part of the digital transformation strategy, Consultic delivered comprehensive blueprints for two critical projects: CRM optimization and website enhancement in The Netherlands and Belgium. By leveraging their expertise and collaborating closely with the organization’s teams, Consultic ensured that the digital solutions aligned perfectly with their goals and objectives.

The results of this collaboration were significant. The organization successfully achieved their objective of easing the lives of their partners by digitally optimizing all customer interactions. The implementation of the recommended solutions resulted in streamlined processes, reduced lead times, and improved overall efficiency.

With Consultic’s support, the organization now has a customer engagement platform that supports their digital transformation journey. They can seamlessly manage customer interactions from start to finish, providing personalized experiences and delivering exceptional value to their partners. By embracing technology and optimizing their operations, the organization has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, driving growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Business goal

  1. Optimize customer interactions and digitalize processes to ease the lives of our client’s partners.
  2. Digitally optimize all customer interactions from lead to cash.


  1. Translate the vision into a clear step-by-step approach, supported by concrete examples.
  2. Lead a product information management project and improve building processes at customer sites, focusing on speedier delivery times.
  3. Conduct a deep analysis of the technical and functional needs of a customer engagement platform to support digital transformation.
  4. Deliver blueprints for CRM and website optimization projects in The Netherlands and Belgium.


  1. Streamlined and digitized customer interactions from lead to cash.
  2. Improved efficiency and effectiveness of marketing processes.
  3. Enhanced ease of use and personalized experiences for customers.
  4. Better insights into each customer’s ordering behavior.
  5. Ability to push targeted promotions and buying tips based on customer profiles.
  6. More efficient working for the marketing team.





As a project manager in the building industry, Consultic’s partnership has been a game-changer for our organization. Their enterprise blockchain consulting expertise and emphasis on cross-functional collaboration have resulted in smoother project execution and enhanced client satisfaction. I highly recommend Consultic to anyone in the construction sector.

Jessica Lee, Project Manager, Building Industry

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